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Hello, I'm Rachel. I am the owner of Absolutely Pawgeous Pet Care and Grooming services.


Since a very young age I have always had a love for animals which lead me to start my own business. At the age of 16 I studied Animal Management at Nescot College and went on to get a Saturday job working at a Stables. After college I went on to work in Pets at Home before starting rabbit and guinea pig boarding. I have over 25 years’ experience caring for rabbits and guinea pigs and have fostered many for small rescues.


As well as my love for small animals I also have a love for dogs, cats, and horses. I had my own horse until I sadly lost her in 2016 and currently have two dogs of my own, Bella the Golden Retriever and Winston the Weimaraner. I also foster dogs for a rescue, so have experience and patience handling nervous dogs. I started my dog grooming training in 2015 and began my mobile dog grooming journey in early 2016.

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